A leaked Soros document reveals establishment agendas for expanding unfettered immigration, calls the crisis “the new normal”


Information has been taken from:   http://www.infowars.com/leaked-soros-docs-confirm-migrant-crisis-a-tool-of-global-governance/

Documents have been leaked from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation that reveal its agendas for formulating international immigration policy.  A nine page memo entitled “Migration Governance and Enforcement” leaked by a group called DCLeaks.com shows that the foundation is intent on expanding immigration and also influencing the public’s attitudes about it at the elite and popular levels.

The foundation views the migrant crisis as an opportunity to expand it’s globalist agenda, with the report stating, “We deliberately avoided the term ‘global governance’ because there is no single system at the global level for managing migration,” going on to say, “The current climate presents new opportunities for reforming migration governance at the global level, whether through the existing multi-lateral system, or by bringing together a range of actors to think more innovatively.”

The document lays out strategies for making use of the immigration crisis to “strengthen norm-setting” and “prevent the violation of migrants’ rights by minimizing harsh border controls and decreasing the widespread use of detention and deportation.”

The report states, “As our aspirations have evolved, our targets have shifted from harm reduction to more proactive solutions-based policy influencing,” and mentions failures to capitalize on opportunities to spur “grassroots level” support for migration, but saying “The refugee crisis is opening new opportunities for this.”

The report then goes on to lament “the rise of the of radical right,” saying immigration advocates’ “traditional arguments are not working,” but the foundation is “experimenting with framings and argumentation, both at elite and popular levels.”

Rather than working out ways to stem the migrant flow, the report instead insists nations including those in Europe and the Mediterranean should accept the “current crisis as the new normal,” and says “There is a need to create more space for reflection, stock-taking and development of mid- and longer-term strategies.”

View a PDF of the 9-page report at this link:   http://soros.dcleaks.com/fview/President/2016/international-migration-initiative-governance-and-enforcement-may-12-2016/imi_governance-enforcement-prd-5.12.2016.pdf